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This is a shame for those lumbered with them, as tattoos are notoriously difficult to erase, always leaving behind a faint, purplish shadow in their wake.

These 'old-school' tattoos are now achingly fashionable, while the sort using Arabic, Hindi or Japanese script, often misspelt and ungrammatical, that came into Vogue in the late Nineties when David and Victoria Beckham had them inked on their shoulders and lower backs, are most definitely out.

They criss-cross the nation's women, rendering their victims permanently scarred.

They peep out of shirt collars, above the waists of jeans or between the straps of a pair of sandals.

Sienna Miller has stars tattooed on her shoulder and a bird design on the inside of her wrist. They merely detract from her beauty, rendering her cheap and hopelessly common.

Angelina Jolie has whole sentences on her upper arms: a reminder of the names of her many children, perhaps, or a shopping list for husband? Tattoos are known among the halfwits who hang out in Hoxton, East London, as 'tats'.

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