Park shin hye dating jung yong hwa korean 22nd day of dating

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It’s a K-drama so let’s not expect a Serena van der Woodsen type to make an appearance.

I mean, drugs and promiscuity and questionable judgment, oh my lord!

During the show, Yonghwa was asked about his onscreen kiss scenes and he said, " To this Yonghwa said that he is really not dating her.

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I can critique her penchant for slick linguistic showmanship but I have no clue if she even remotely understands the mental psyche of high school students and can convincingly tell their story.

Let’s get the positive one out first – this drama is going to get so much pre-airing and live-airing and quite possibly post-airing publicity and interest that I’m going to have to go back to Boys Before Flowers to compare the likely levels of hysteria and fandom schism. An early description calls it a cross between Boys Before Flowers and US show Gossip Girl.

Let me put it this way, chances are those who love it will LOVE it, and those who hate it will HATE it. This will only rock my boat (in a good way) if Park Shin Hye’s character is written as the K-drama version of Blair Waldorf and she does her best Leighton Meester impression.

Back to this casting for Heirs, which has now been confirmed that Jung Yong Hwa is indeed getting a three-peat chance to woo Park Shin Hye, not to mention rival Lee Min Ho, I don’t know what to think.

Okay, I have thoughts, but most are quite pessimistic. First off, apparently my initial sources were slightly off when it reported that this was a college-aged campus drama, when it’s actually a high school campus drama about rich kids.

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