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The editorial basically said that giving "Ang Pow" would not win over the voters.

The Government has decided that the teaching of science and mathematics would revert to Malay in the Government school, with Chinese in Chinese schools and Tamil in Tamil schools. The result is 84 per cent want to retain English as the language medium for these subjects.3.

If we do this then the current anger over the New Economic Policy on the part of the non-Malays would be reduced.8. They should be taught to do this, probably with new technology.10.

By switching back to Malay, we can expect them to vote for the Government party at the next election.

How this is going to help integrate Malaysians I do not know. Admittedly the poll was conducted in the English language and English language speakers might be biased in favour of English. But some parents and teachers had also conducted a survey and the majority are again in favour of English.

A petition to the Prime Minister by parents and teachers was copied to me and they were in favour of retaining English.

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