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We do.‘I definitely feel we owe it to them to live life to the full and almost live their lives for them.

Obviously, I’m used to it and all my friends are used to it, but for anybody new . I was upset because I really liked him and thought: “Is this going to happen every time?He taught Emily to play guitar so he had a real connection with our family. ‘It was summer-time and the kids were back at school when he came round for lunch and it just happened.‘It just felt incredibly right and incredibly natural. I don’t take it off unless I know the guy really well.He was the complete opposite to Nico — a gentle musician, not a corporate media business guy.’The music teacher started staying for ‘chats’ after the lessons . Physically, it makes me look whole, so it makes me feel whole as well.‘Pretty much every day I still think: “No one’s ever going to find me attractive again.” It’s hard enough dating in your 40s anyway when you’re self-conscious about lots of things — grey hair, getting older, wrinkles.Only their middle daughter, Olivia, 14, survived unscathed.Victoria, 45, lost her left leg, their nine-year-old son Kit required 20 operations to save his, while their eldest child, Amber, 16, was left with scars on her left thigh and hand.

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